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03 19

So You’re A “Helicopter Dad?” Congrats.

Who invented the this term ‘Helicopter Parent’ and why?  Well, we did some digging (actually just found it on Wikipedia in 10 seconds) and uncovered the following:

“The term “helicopter parents” is a pejorative expression for parents that has been widely used in the media. The metaphor appeared as early as 1969 in the bestselling book Between Parent & Teenager by Dr. Haim Ginott, which mentions a teen who complains: “Mother hovers over me like a helicopter…” It gained wide currency when American college administrators began using it in the early 2000s as the Millennial Generation began reaching college age. Their baby-boomer and Generation X parents in turn earned notoriety for practices such as calling their children each morning to wake them up for class and complaining to their professors about grades the children had received.”

There you have it.  Not as great as an origin as we had hoped.  Anyhow, cut to 2015 and the term ‘Helicopter Parent’ is common language and is usually, if not always, used in a negative manner.  But we here at Hip Daddy have a different POV, and especially for you Dads…Helicopter Dads are okay in our book, and here’s why:

1.) It’s okay to want to love your child and “pay extremely close attention to their experiences and problems”…in our book, that is called being a parent.  Right?

2.) Okay, so you might be a tad bit annoying and overboard, but at least they know you will be there at the’ drop of a hat.’

3.) It’s better to be over involved than not involved at all.  #justsayin.

4.) Simply, as a Helicopter Dad, you will spend more time with your child (whether they like it or not…#LOL)

5.) Being associated with such a fine piece of rotocraft machinery is actually not a bad thing (far worse things in life.)

Okay, so we are having a little fun with this subject.  Our real goal is to shed light on the topic, but turn it into a more positive sentiment and definition.  Things change, so why not the meaning of Helicopter Parent?

‘Helicopter Dad’ has a nice ring to it…look out for some Hip Daddy exclusive edition ‘Helicopter Dad’ Tees coming soon!  Spring is in the air, Summer is around the corner, spend time with your kids…