Hip Daddy

01 08

Now Trending: Celery Juice.

It’s a thing. And actually something that has been fueled by the likes of Instagram, really. A social media ‘health’ trend created because of some pretty pictures by some pretty people…you gotta love an #influencer (including Hip Daddy.) But really, it appears to be working because NYC has a shortage of celery and the green seems to be everywhere we look.

We must admit, we are on it. A nice Pressed Juicery Celery in the AM is the regimen at the Hip Daddy Household. Okay, it really sucks going down, I find it impossible to actually keep a straight face when consuming…but we fight thru it. Why? Well it’s supposedly healthy. Helps you lose weight, fights the bloat, aids digestion, and lowers inflammation. Now although there isn’t any real research to prove any of this, we don’t mind and will continue to drink he IG kool-aide…celery juice is good for us. I mean…even Kim K is drinking it so it must be healthy! Keep drinking. Or just stick to the peanut butter and celery stick :).