Hip Daddy

03 26


Okay, yes, we are a #LaxDad and proud of it.  Who knew this would happen growing up in the midwest when and where lacrosse wasn’t a “thing” just yet?  But it happened, and here we are.  The sport is straight awesome and when your kids are good at it, even more awesome.

So this means we have now became fans of watching college lacrosse and checking out programs like Duke, UVA, John Hopkins,  Princeton, Maryland, ‘Cuse, Ohio St., Denver etc.  Which then means we are total fans of Paul Rabil’s PLL- the Premier Lacrosse League.  The PLL is not only a great product on the field, but it is a great product off the field.  Given this Hip Daddy has helped build some of the most iconic “lifestyle” brands during his career, what we see the PLL doing in terms of the lacrosse “lifestyle” is smart and…seems to be working.  For example, this PLL x Champion sweatshirt collab is #fire.  The huge logo/letters on an American crewneck classic is perfect for the sport of lacrosse.  Go get one now before it’s too late.  Next up, a footwear limited edition with Converse or Jordan? #justsayin.

Being a lacrosse Dad has so many perks, trust.  Well done to the sport, to the PLL, and to our friends at Champion.