Hip Daddy

03 16

It’s Happening. Work From Home In Effect.

Offices are closing, the cubicles and board rooms are empty.  And when a large corporation of over 1000 employees mandates you to work-from-home, you know we ain’t playing games anymore.  So here we go.  Luckily Hip Daddy is a mobile-first master and has spent a good majority of his career working across time zones, knows the video call game in and out, and has the ‘always-on’ mentality…crucial elements to succeeding in this so-called #WFH world.  Self plug, sorry.  In reality, it’s not easy and an extremely large amounts of people will soon need to learn to not work from an office.

And yes, the video calls with all sorts of “life” in the backgrounds, including kids and more kids, will actually bring some smiles to a nation and workforce in need.

So have no fear, all sorts of tips coming your way!