Hip Daddy

03 22

COVID-19 CHRONICLES: This is getting weird.

A new week.  Every day brings new data, new headlines, new realities, a new world essentially.  And if you live in a city, you feel it, because you see it…or don’t, which is the point.

In Boston, the streets are empty for the most part.  Everything is shut down #obviously.  But it’s weird walking desolate streets that are normally bustling with human beings.  It’s weird walking by your favorite restaurants with nothing to see inside.  It’s weird walking thru a major mall like Copley Plaza and seeing nothing but yourself in the reflection of the empty store windows.  It’s weird taking your kids to the park for mandatory recess and not seeing any other kids.  The signs everywhere reminding you of the crisis is also plain weird.  The social distancing markers everywhere are also weird, but necessary.

It’s weird.  But I guess in this world and what is needed to get thru this, weird is good?  It is.

Be safe Hip Daddy Nation.