Hip Daddy

08 08

Shinola Does It Again with The Smokey Bear Watch.

Shinola.  You know it, we love this brand straight outta Detroit.  Well curated and crafted goods for all sorts of aspects of the Hip Daddy lifestyle.  And then there is Filson…another beauty of a brand we are liking based in Seattle.  And now they come together to create an awesome watch around an important childhood character we all know? It’s true, #awesomeness.

The limited Smokey Bear watch will go quick.  43mm in size with a dark brown premium leather strap, this watch oozes style in a very fun way.  Not only is the watch itself beautiful, but the accompanying ‘collection’ of Smokey Bear goods makes the entire package soooo attractive.  Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity, a book that verifies the watch’s individual number, a book that tells the story of Smokey Bear and the Filson relationship with the outdoors, a bandana featuring Smokey’s image and outdoor safety tips, and six postcards of reimagined, vintage Smokey posters.  This is quite the overall ‘watch experience’ and a damn good one…possible learning and educational angles here with the kids…and what child doesn’t like Smokey the Bear?

Detroit meets the beautiful northwest woods.  It’s limited for a reason.  Only 1000 pieces made…get one…if you can.