Hip Daddy

06 05

Now Streaming in the Hip Daddy Household.

Okay, so maybe they are not all streaming persay, but let’s talk.  So much content to choose from these days, and really good kids content overall (ages 5-12), but here’s what the Hip Daddy Household has been vibing on as of late…and one hint…it’s all about the Nickelodeon!

Crashletes.  Yes, the Gronk is kinda funny and the other two hosts are also kinda funny.  Put them all together and this show does indeed make the kids laugh and even the Hip Daddy.  Stupid humor and tricks gone home video.  You know the formula.

Hunter Street.  Some sort of mystery series, adopted kids loose their parents and we think it is filmed and based in the UK but still don’t entirely know.  Alas, it will keep the kids intrigued and teach them about being good siblings.

Ride.  Highly recommend this one.  Horses, strict teachers, a father daughter bond, some crushes, you name it, this one has it.  And who doesn’t love a horsey show.

Paw Patrol.  Although the youngest is getting a bit old for this one, everyone is still “in” to this one.  Perhaps it is the music, the voices, the basic and simple plots, the graphics, but Paw Patrol has always got it going on!

Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.   This kid is cool, and yes, perhaps we all hope our boys are like this kid.  Free spirit, respectful, kind, in to some cool sh*$, great at X Game type sports, and gets to meet all sorts of amazing people and partake in fantastic experiences.  Watch one, you might get hooked.

That’s the latest from the Hip Daddy family room, Nickelodeon coming strong.