Hip Daddy

09 29

MUJI Brings You The Perfect Birthday Gift Bag.

Always been a huge fan of this Japanese brand.  Simple, stylish, minimalist design.  Love.  From the notebooks to the pens to the travel accessories, MUJI has something for every Hip Daddy.  And yes, they even have you covered when it comes to the kids…

The MUJI customization stamp bar at their Fifth Avenue Flagship store in NYC is so so awesome.  Colorful stamps, emoji style designs, you can design your new paper bag, notebook, journal, etc. you name it.  But we like the idea of making your own creative and playful birthday party bag.  Make your gift shine…put it in a nice bag…stand out (in more than one way.)  It brings a personal touch to the birthday gift giving process, and allows your child to really have fun and put in some effort…which is indeed Hip Daddy Approved.  So next time you are looking for the standard gift bag, think again and think differently.

Side note- for those of you who purchase your favorite Hip Daddy tee, it might just show up in one of these…