Hip Daddy

07 03

July 4th is Almost Here. Get Out Your Lighter…

Yes, it is nearing. A day of fuses and cookouts. You need a lighter…plain and simple.

And you can’t be the guy with the cheesy convenience store Bic lighter (with a Flag on it ofcourse), you need some sense of style when attempting to light up the sky and feed the family barbeque.   Every Hip Daddy likes an accessory of sort and a lighter (on this day) is indeed one. We are liking the Red Matte Zippo lighter, simple, stylish and looking good in any denim back pocket.  And for the super duper uber Hip Daddy, yes, our British friends at Dunhill have you covered…like no other.  Their Barley Rollages lighter is the ultimate Hip Daddy accessory, simple domination here #enoughsaid.

So let the barbecue and fireworks begin, come prepared.  This weekend, it’s okay to ‘light it up.’ So please do so but as always, enjoy responsibly.